Survey research should play a role in the marketing/selling process for your brand. Based on experience we’ve had in selling advertising space, we see three big-picture ways for research to fit.

  1. Selling the value of the audience.

  2. Illustrating that you create opportunity for exposure.

  3. Add value to a customer’s buy, beyond their initial investment.

Here’s what we mean. Sell the value of your audience: Advertisers are looking to you and your team to clearly show what your audience is all about. In other words, if an advertiser runs ads with you, you need to demonstrate the relevance and importance of your audience to the advertiser.
Reader Profile surveys are the answer.

“Illustrating that you create opportunity for exposure” simply means that your brand brings readers to pages, visitors to websites and subscribers to newsletters. You bring quality attendees that lead to quality conferences and events. You generate engagement! Do this with Ad Effectiveness Studies, Profile Studies, Editorial/Content Audits, and Conference/Meeting Evaluations.

Adding Value. Every customer is always interested in what else you can do for them. What more can you bring to the table to further build relationships and help you close the sale? Check out Ad Effectiveness Studies, Media Usage, and Brand Studies for study options that are great ways to add value.

Want more information or ready to conduct a survey?