Research Pitfalls

Whether you rely on a market research firm to conduct your surveys or you complete them in-house, you should be aware of 10 hazards we’ve identified that can render your survey useless. Avoiding these pitfalls will help make life easier for both you and your supplier. 1. Setting Fuzzy Objectives Successful studies begin with clear […]


Most online survey services merely provide you with a vehicle to conduct your survey, we offer some reasons to stick with a full-service market research company. Make Sure the Proposal Responds to Your Objectives Low- or no-cost online survey services are attractive because budget dollars are hard to come by. Although you need to make […]


Sponsor and Objective The sponsor of the survey and the objective go hand in hand. Learning who sponsored the survey gives you an idea of possible objectives. It also alerts you to if there may be biases resulting from the organization’s mission or core beliefs. When you know the sponsor, you can decide whether you […]


Comparing proposals “apples-to-apples” is crucial to establishing which one will best meet your needs. Consider these ideas to help you focus on the details that contribute to a successful survey. Make Sure the Proposal Responds to Your Objectives The proposal process begins before the research firm offers you their take on how they recommend you […]

Print vs Online Media

When it comes to choosing whether it makes more sense for you to conduct a traditional (paper/pencil) mail or online survey (e-mail/Internet), there are a variety of factors that should influence your thinking. Listed below are some of them:


How Response Rate Affects A Survey Survey 2: Four of the ten students respond, including the two who received A’s, so according to this survey, 50% of the students received A’s. Survey 3: Six of the ten students respond. With two receiving A’s, this survey reports that 33% of the students received A’s. So, what […]

Use Questions Not Riddles

Planning a survey requires many steps and decisions along the way: “How many people do I need to survey? How am I going to distribute the survey?” And, while people often figure out what questions they want to ask, many overlook the importance of expert questionnaire design. It’s natural to believe that anyone can create […]

difficult data

What are cross-tabulations? Cross-tabulations, or cross-tabs, are data tables that show not only the results for all respondents, but also for selected segments of the population. Typically cross-tabulated data looks like the image below: One of the easiest ways to describe how cross-tabulated data is used has to do with political polls. This research tool […]

questionnaire design

It’s important to make sure that the questions included in the study will actually help you to achieve your objectives. Your project director will help you stay on track. For example, the common objectives for a typical audience profile study include: Illustrate purchasing authority Prove readership of the publication Learn opinions of various editorial items […]