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Each quantitative survey method has unique advantages and disadvantages that may make one more suitable than another given a certain situation. Use our rating system to determine the best method for your next survey.

It’s important to look at your specific project and decide which quantitative survey method provides the right balance of your research objectives, available budget, and timing requirements. It is also helpful to look into the reliability of your current data. For example, while the email method may be economical, if you only have e-mail addresses for 50% of your sample, it will not give you complete or reliable results.

The chart below lists considerations when weighing the pros and cons of some common quantitative data collection methods. You can complete your online survey in a variety of ways. For these ratings, online and mixed mode online data collection methods involve sending sample members invitation emails that include a link to the questionnaire.

Each method is rated as follows for its ability to meet the listed study requirements: