When Surveying Customers, Ask About Touchpoints.

Most of us are curious about what our customers think of the products and services we offer. Some of us even do surveys to find out! However, if you do surveys, do you ask about Key Touchpoints?

In any customer relationship survey, it’s important to ask about what aspects of the relationship are critical to the customer.

We call these “key touchpoints.” In the surveys we do at Readex, we have identified seven touchpoints to watch. For example one of the seven touchpoints is “Performed all tasks reliably.” In every survey, we always ask customers to tell us how we’re doing on this aspect of our service delivery as well as six others.

So why are touchpoints important?

It only takes one touchpoint going wrong for a business relationship to start spoiling. A single damaged touchpoint might not break a relationship completely, but after two or three you’re done. Relationship surveys, whether they target customers, members, subscribers or employees, need to focus on the things that can really make a difference in that relationship.

Most companies have a good sense or feeling about what the key touchpoints are for their firm. If not, or you are simply unsure, you can do a survey using such things as “importance/performance” questions to find out. Alternatively, you can do paired weighting exercises to cull the list of candidate touchpoints to a manageable number. No matter how you get there, be sure to include touchpoint ratings in your next relationship survey.

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