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Black & White Film

Black and White Ads Struggle in A Colorful World

Our world is filled with color. Look around. Peek out a window or at your computer screen. Nature doesn’t come in grayscale and our electronic devices no longer dictate an artificial black and white world. Despite the millions of colors that surround us, some advertisers insist upon running black and white ads. To see the […]

Agricultural Research

Agri Study Sees Consistent Use of Media Channels

American Business Media’s Agri Council conducted an update to their 2010 Media Channel Study. The council wanted to look at how farmers and ranchers use the many communication channels that serve their operations and observe the changes that could impact how marketers may formulate their communication plans. The current survey replicated 2010’s methodology: a mailed […]

Sample Size Using Fruit

Stratifying a Sample

Aggregated results allow you to make claims such as, “20% of respondents work for manufacturing firms.” It may be helpful to look deeper and determine the characteristics of the manufacturing firms. You might discover that “of the 20% who work for manufacturing firms, 90% work for companies with more than 100 employees.” Then you could […]