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Notes on the Pre- and Post-Survey

Notes on the Pre- and Post-Survey The Pre-Post survey is used to look at how things may change over time. It may be how brand awareness levels change after a new ad campaign is introduced or how opinions of a political candidate move after a speech. The catalyst to potential change, sometimes called the event […]

Can a Survey Help Detect a Bad Relationship?

Can a Survey Detect a Bad Relationship? Survey research is a great tool for getting information, even if the information can sometimes be negative. This is especially true when it comes to relationship surveys, also known as experience surveys. And yes! A survey can help you spot a relationship that is going sour. Two ideas […]

Avoid These 10 Survey Research Hazards

Avoid These 10 Survey Research Hazards Whether you rely on a market research firm to conduct your surveys or you complete them in-house, you should be aware of 10 hazards we’ve identified that can render your survey useless. Avoiding these pitfalls will help make life easier. 1. Setting fuzzy objectives. Successful studies begin with clear […]

Ask About Touchpoints When Surveying Customers

When Surveying Customers, Ask About Touchpoints. Most of us are curious about what our customers think of the products and services we offer. Some of us even do surveys to find out! However, if you do surveys, do you ask about Key Touchpoints? In any customer relationship survey, it’s important to ask about what aspects […]

Does a Mail or Paper Survey Still Work?

Does a Mail or Paper Survey Still Work? Readex has been in the business of conducting surveys by mail since 1949. Clearly we know something about this methodology! Of course, with more and more work shifting online, we are frequently asked about the viability of mail/paper surveys going forward. We have a few random thoughts […]

Six Ideas For You During Questionnaire Design

Six Ideas For You During Questionnaire Design 1. Make Things Simple at the Start. Surveys should begin with a question, or short series of questions, easy to answer. Asking difficult questions at the start may discourage participation. For example, asking a rating question about a supervisor may be a bit more difficult to answer than […]

Five Questions to Ask About Your Research Project

Five Questions to Ask About Your Research Project It’s really easy to just dive into a survey research project. There’s nothing like getting something going quickly, something you have may had on your mind for a while. But, hold your horses! Our recommendation is to temper your enthusiasm, take a deep breath and ponder the […]

content format preference

Content Format Preferences for Media

Audiences consist of various types of people. Sometimes it is difficult to uncover how they want to get access to the information you offer. Recently Readex Research looked over the results of 156 Audience Profile and Editorial Studies we conducted from 2016 through 2018. In those studies, we found that many asked similar questions. Using […]

actions taken

Actions Taken After Seeing Advertising

Recently at Readex Research, we looked over 156 of our Editorial and Audience Profile studies taken between 2016 through 2018. We found that many of the studies asked similar questions so we aggregated the data. One question asked respondents about the actions they took as a result of reading editorial and/or advertisements. Association publications tended […]