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Recently at Readex Research, we looked over 156 of our Editorial and Audience Profile studies taken between 2016 through 2018. We found that many of the studies asked similar questions so we aggregated the data.

One question asked respondents about the actions they took as a result of reading editorial and/or advertisements.

What actions did you take as a result of seeing advertisements?

This question, about advertisements, was asked in 97 of the 156 studies we looked through. These 97 studies had 71,221 responses, of which 64% indicated that the took some form of action when they saw an advertisement in a publication.

Of the 97 studies, 87 were Business Titles and 4 were Farm Titles. Business and Farm publications tended to score higher when it came to actions taken after seeing an advertisement. Business Publications had an impressive score of 67%. However, Farm Publications were slightly higher with a score of 69%

64% took action after seeing an advertisement


Actions Taken-Business vs Farm

Association publications tended to score lower than non-association publications. Of the 40 association publication studies, 59% indicated that they had taken some form of action after seeing an advertisement. In comparison, 57 non-association publication studies had 70% indicate that they had taken some form of action.

Actions Taken-Association vs Non-Association
Actions Taken Specifics

What specifically were the actions you took as a result of seeing an advertisement?

Of the 97 studies that asked about advertising actions taken, 86 asked for specifics. Some of the actions taken that were measured were visiting an advertiser’s website, passing along advertisement information, saving advertising information for future reference, or making a purchase.

In these 86 studies, 27% stated that they had visited an advertisers website while 28% indicated that they had passed advertising information to others. The 86 studies also found that 27% of respondents saved advertising information for future reference and 7% made at least one purchase based off of an advertisement they saw in the publication conducting the study.

These results prove that publication readers remain an actively engaged audience. The results also show that publications are still a valuable vehicle for advertisers to get their product and message across.

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