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Audiences consist of various types of people. Sometimes it is difficult to uncover how they want to get access to the information you offer. Recently Readex Research looked over the results of 156 Audience Profile and Editorial Studies we conducted from 2016 through 2018. In those studies, we found that many asked similar questions. Using the questions, we were able to create aggregated data that revealed percentages and averages among certain publication types and media platforms.

The results were as follows:

Content Format Preferences

In 48 studies with 44,948 respondents, 54% state that they prefer receiving publications in print, while 19% state that they prefer receiving publications in either a digital or online format. The aggregates of the studies also found that 23% of respondents like having their options open by receiving publications in both a print and a digital/online format.

Reading Print

54% prefer print

19% prefer a digital/online format

23% prefer both a print and a digital/online format
Content Format Preference

In eight other studies, survey respondents were asked for more specifics on the kind of digital content they would like to receive. These studies had 9,144 responses which reveal that 34% want to receive material in e-newsletters, 37% value receiving information from the company’s website and 31% like receiving information through an e-Book or digital edition.

Content Reader’s Value Most

In terms of content value, survey respondents were asked to rate content on a valuable summary using a seven-point scale with 1 being not at all valuable and 7 being extremely valuable. Based on responses that gave the content 5, 6, or 7 ratings, respondents most value case studies, white papers, web seminars, and survey results. These results are from 8 studies with 9,144 responses.

Value of Content
Content Format Interest/Preference

Content Format Preference_Interest

When respondents were asked what content they preferred using or what content they would be interested in having, 21% stated that they would like to have content through videos or email alerts. 17% of the participants stated that they would be interested in having or would prefer accessing content through a mobile app, tutorials, and podcasts. And 16% of the responses stated that they would be interested in having job boards. These results are from 36 studies and 16,058 responses.


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