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Here at Readex Research we love sorting through research and data. So we decided to aggregate some of the results from studies we had done over the past three years. One question that was asked several times in our Audience Profile and Editorial Studies enquired on whether participants were encouraged to take any actions upon reading a publication’s editorial.


What actions did you take as a result of reading a publication?

In terms of editorial actions taken, the scores are much higher than advertising actions taken. In 31 studies (25,822 responses), 83% indicated that they took some form of action upon reading their publication’s editorial such as saving, sharing, or referring back to an article.

Actions Taken Advertising vs. Editorial

As you can see in the graph listed above, the percentage of actions taken for advertising was much lower than the actions taken for editorial. There could be many reasons for this, and factors are different for each publication.

Association Versus Non-Association Media

Actions Taken Editorial-Association vs Non-Association

As you can see in the table above, non-association media tended to score higher in terms of editorial actions taken.

Differences Between Various Publication Types

Actions Taken-Editorial Business, Consumer-Enthusiast, Farm, Health

The table above illustrates that Business Publications tend to score the highest in terms of editorial actions taken, followed closely by Consumer/Enthusiast Publications. Health and Farm Publications stilled scored fairly high, however they were still slightly below average. There could be many reasons for this, one of which may be that their readers may be more busy and have less time to go through their publications.

How Many People Do You Share Your Publication With?

Pass-Along Readership

Do you share your publication?

One question that was asked in 81 of the studies that were aggregated enquired about pass-along readership. This study had 70,252 respondents and of those respondents 54% indicated that they had passed their publication on to at least one other person.

Do you save your publication?

Based off of 31 studies in our aggregated data and 25,687 responses, 65% of publication recipients save their publications.

How many times do you refer back to your publication?

Our result found that on average readers picked up or referred back to a publication 2.05 times.


65% save publications
Number of Times Picked Up

These responses prove that publication audiences are engaged and still are influenced by the content they read.

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