From member satisfaction surveys to salary and benefits surveys, research is a key driver of ongoing learning and value for associations of all sizes. Hand off your association’s next survey to Readex Research and benefit from over seven decades of experience.

We’ve conducted all types of surveys for all types of associations and have fine-tuned our methods of surveying members to improve the represention, reliability, and usefulness of your results.

Let us take your specific goals into consideration and shape a custom research plan that will meet your unique needs. We can help you succeed with a variety of surveys:

Communications &
Content Audit

Salary &
Benefits Surveys

Member Needs

Conference or Meeting

Get articles designed to take the mystery out of survey research.

Want more information or ready to conduct a survey?

Make Sure Your Content Stands Out and Gets Read

Association members are inundated with information. Your publications and other communication efforts can either be ignored or they can become a valued information source. Actionable results from your Communication Audit will help you identify your members’ information needs and prevent your content from getting lost in the clutter.

Rise to the Top as Your Industry’s Ultimate Information Resource

The data from a Salary & Benefits survey bolsters your association as your profession’s premier information resource. By offering results as a member benefit, you’ll provide invaluable information that members can use either as a point of reference to support compensation expectations.

Increase non-dues revenue by selling access to results or offer the results as a member benefit. Either way, your members will appreciate the detailed information they may not get anywhere else.

You can even drive traffic to your website with an online salary calculator or a regression-based compensation worksheet. Visitors love this hands-on approach to discovering how others in similar professional situations fare when it comes to compensation.

Keep Up with the Changing Needs of Your Members

Understanding members drives the success of any association. A Member Needs survey from Readex is the key to keeping pace with the changing needs of your members. Gauge member satisfaction and find out how to add new memberships while enhancing renewals. Complete the picture by including former- and never- members.

Ask the Right Questions & Keep ‘em Coming Back Year after Year

Measure attendee satisfaction and discover suggestions for improvement while collecting a profile that proves the value of attendees to prospective exhibitors. A Conference Evaluation may be the difference between an event that doubles in attendance next year and one that fizzles out.

How Does it Work?

Each survey is designed to meet the individual needs of each client; however, most of our customized studies include similar considerations.
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A variety of reporting options are available depending on your preferences, including data tables, written summaries, PowerPoint presentations, and brochures packed with graphs.