We’ve designed our full-service studies so that your involvement is only necessary during the initial phases of the project: working with us to determine objectives, approving the questionnaire, and providing the sample. After these steps, you can focus on your other responsibilities while we conduct your study.

Let us take your specific goals into consideration and shape a custom research plan that will meet your unique needs. We can help you succeed with a variety of surveys:

Audience Profile

A Profile Study enables you to prove the value of your audience, including print magazine readers, digital edition recipients, and e-newsletter readers. The result is a current and credible picture of who they reach with each issue or edition.

Editorial/Content Audit

Editorial Audits on publications or for an association are customized to meet your needs. An Audit enables you to understand what your audience wants to read, at what frequency, and via what channel/vehicle. This understanding is key to building and maintaining a robust reader/member base.

Salary & Benefits

Whether you’re a publisher or an association, a Salary & Benefits study can give you a better understanding of the salary structure in your industry. Incorporate results in printed or online content and you’ll bolster yourself as the profession’s premier information resource. Drive traffic to your website with an online salary calculator or a compensation worksheet. Visitors love this hands-on approach to discovering how others in similar professional situations fare when it comes to compensation.

Member Needs

Understanding members drives the success of any association. A member survey from Readex is the key to keeping pace with the changing needs of your members. Gauge member satisfaction and find out how to add new memberships while enhancing renewals.

Brand Awareness

Lead your industry with market data and prove to infrequent advertisers that aggressive exposure leads to greater awareness.

Conference Evaluation

Measure attendee satisfaction and discover suggestions for improvement while collecting a profile that proves the value of attendees to prospective exhibitors. A conference evaluation may be the difference between an event that doubles in attendance next year and one that fizzles out.

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